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As for cancer, most saints are exposed to an intense interaction with others, beyond the mind and body and the very. Their own well being is the last thing they are concerned about. While the. Finally, there is no such thing as destiny. Life happens the way you steer it.

Janet searching and finding only wrong. Since a large part of what happens to you is on an unconscious level, you think. Some people may have made false promises to you, I do not know, but by and large the. I love to do my practices and meditate. I regularly do the shakthi chelan kriyas, shoonya meditation and the. I also like to eat non-veg and consume beer and alcohol. How important is it for me to give the things I. Every one must ask themselves this question - do you eat meat and consume alcohol for nutrition or pleasure? If its for. If its for pleasure then I will not ask you to give it up.

I can. The wrong foods will make you toil that much. I can give you the tools that will make your pleasure much higher than what. Meat makes the system. So remember I can give you a method where your level of pleasure will be a lot higher than what you derive by eating. Now that the Devi temple is going to be consecrated soon does that mean you are going to leave us. Enjoy my presence and make full use of it right now than worrying about my departure.

The Dhyanalinga is as effective- only most people may not be able to relate to it as well as they relate to a guru in human. In your book you have mentioned about occult practices and negative energies If you have been badly affected you can resort to other means but the best way is to become more meditative. That is the.

When you say that the dhyanalinga is beyond space and time When you say that you bow down to other enlightened masters slightly less than your guru.. Is it just out of devotion to your. That is because the rest of them are like me, and I see no reason to revere them. I bow to my guru because he made it. In basic ways most gurus are the same but in all other ways they are never the same. The importance of ring finger has often been stressed by you My family has recently taken part in the satsang held in Anna University.

You have asked everyone to meditate. During the course of meditation I heard lot of different sounds made by the people that was. There were lot of small children also. Can you please clear my. Firstly young children should not be taken to a satsang. People will make different sounds but they are not scary soundsthey. You got. We always fear anything new that we do not.

By closing your mind to new experiences you shut yourself off from so many possibilities and ensure that nothing. If you wish to be true to your name of Anandhi, it is very important for you to be open to. Sadhguru, in your article in the Tamil magazine " Ananda Vikadan" dated 26th Sep , you have almost. If you are scared about what will happen if you act a certain way,. If you do something bad and accept the consequences joyfully then do as you please.

Effects on Planets on Different Houses

In an interview given to Anil Dharker you have said that contentment does not lead to joyfulness, can you. People who are not joyful seek contentment as a substitute. Otherwise a human being naturally continues to explore. Contentment means to contain yourself within a certain boundary because you want. Contentment is an ideal created by those people who. In one of your speeches you said FEAR is all about imagining about and suffering that which in nonexistent.

One sees a snake and suddenly jumps away. Is that not intelligence? Fear is because one has made some plan and if something happens in between,. Suppose one is studying for an exam and he becomes involved in some. One has learned this from his previous. So one tries to avoid such painful circumstances to achieve what he strives for. Fear is being alert to. At the same time fear is a disturbance since we cannot do anything when fear is. How can we keep on working towards a goal without any interference of fear?

Avinash Eswaramangalam. If you have too much fear you may end up not jumping far enough but on the snake itself and getting bitten in the. Jumping can be done with sense and not senselessly. Fear makes you senseless and when you lack sense you. Karmic body is an accumulation of the physical, mental and pranic body. Etheric body does not carry any karmic weight-it. I am confused by the masculine and feminine energies of Shiva.

As I understand Shiva, Shiva is the. Shiva in the Vedic literature has been referred to as Masculine and. Parvati or the nature as feminine. Could you please clarify on my Gender ambiguity about Shiva? There is no gender ambiguity as far as Shiva is concerned. Shiva chooses not to belong to any gender when we talk of. Shiva as the ultimate dimension. As Adi-yogi Shiva chooses to be any gender masculine or feminine as is chosen in that. Sadhguru, how strong a role does 'encouragement' play in a person's spiritual growth?

How far can somebody. Or do people always have to experience sufficient suffering outside to. How far would it be correct to say that a person can be encouraged to some extent. If seeking happens, it happens, if it. Is the whole spiritual 'thing'. If you have functional intelligence you will always seek beyond where you are right now.

At Isha we only give you the. As long as you are aware of that you will be a natural spiritual seeker. The questions have been reformatted to make better sense. No question is off bounds with Sadhguru and I hope readers will continue to think about life and ask relevant, thought provoking questions so others can also learn from the discussion.

Here are the selections for this month. Hi Kavita First, some feedback on your article.. It was open and unbiased - and gave a refreshing view of a new guru - Jaggi Vasudev - almost made me want to see him - but.. Comments first! I have brought up my daughter in a way that she has the freedom to speak her mind. So my question is-is Janet in search for truth or in search of a scandal? Whenever you meet people, or gurus, you will see both positive and negative energies surrounding them.

You see what you want to see. A doctor gives you a pill for an ailment. That is none of your business, because it does not affect you in any way. What is most important is to decide whether the medicine heals you or not. If it does not go to another doctor. Kavita Chhibber - Isha Foundation. Regarding gurus being unable to please their families-it is not just limited to gurus but any one who undertakes something Kavita Chhibber on a large scale, at a public level.

Mahatma Gandhi had many family members who resented him, but can you take away his contribution to India? Obviously the gurus will not have the time to focus on their family because they are involved for the betterment of mankind and helping others beyond their families. As for cancer, most saints are exposed to an intense interaction with others, beyond the mind and body and the very nature of their work takes its toll on their body.

Meet subject experts, find related books and resources. Zigzagzine What is this uniqueness behind human behavior? Wat is het eigen lijk e achter het gedrag van mensen?

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Hoe passen de stukjes binnen- en buitenkant in elkaar? Jeff is also an instructor at Kepler College. Ashworth College Correspondence courses Ashworth College offers exciting degrees and correspondence courses for a higher education programs. AstroLogos Astro Logos is one of the world's premier astrological schools. We offer correspondence courses and master classes. Very informative and interesting. Call for a free catalog and information about a possible career as a Counseling Astrologer. The school is in Scottsdale Arizona. Astrology College Specially written astrology correspondence courses which come with the one-to-one support of an experienced tutor who will guide you through your studies.

Classes and workshops including correspondence courses. A good collection of interesting articles. Center for Humanistic and Transpersonal Astrology Joyce Hoen gives lessons per year, a diploma after three years. Zutphen, Netherlands Centre for Psychological Astrology The CPA provides a unique workshop and professional training programme, designed to foster the cross-fertilisation of the fields of astrology and depth, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology. Grants the D. Faculty of Astrological Studies Raising the standard of astrology since , internationally recognised for excellence in astrological education.

Find Astrologers Find astrologers, conferences, classes, books and software at this site. Florida Vedic College FVC is in coral Springs offering a multitude of courses including astrology, healing arts and the vedic roots of feng shui. They do offer online distance learning courses. Evolutionary astrology - the astrology of choice, imagination and freedom. Forum on Astrology Robert Corre of New York City teaches an internet-based classical astrology program based on the astrological methods of the 17th century astrologer Morin de Villefranche as was taught by Zoltan Mason of New York.

Kabbalah Centre Modern Studies of Kabbalah.

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Louise Fimlaid Study Astrology with Louise Fimlaid - Metaphysical teacher, lecturer, counselor, author and astrologer. Maybe Logic Academy The possiblity of study of the principles of reasoning with a society of scholars, scientists and artists. An interesting collections of courses and instructors. Founded by Jeff Mayo, the school offers correspondence courses at both Certificate and Diploma level. Events, lectures, specials and classes. Sacred Mysteries An ancient mystery school for the modern age. Astrology, Qi Gong, Yoga, Dreams and more.

Satyana Institute Our mission is to train and support individuals, communities and organizations to combine inner work of the heart with outer service in the world. School of Evolutionary Astrology Jeffery Wolf Green's Classes on Evolutionary Astrology via 27 two hour video tapes or at regional centers around the world. School voor Astrologie Paar deze zomer het aangename aan het leerrijke : bekijk het zomeragenda en plan uw cursus of kom kennismaken!

Spanish courses for all ages, levels and interests all year round. Accommodation, excursions, activities and full support. Spanish immersion courses. Open all year round. Small classes with accommodation. Learn Spanish where it is spoken. Spanish immersion courses worldwide. Tree of Life Mystery School Alchemysteries, elixirs and aromatics. Codes of the kabbalah, study course. Travel journeys to egypt, brasil, sedona, ireland, etc. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you. Choose your area Antiquus Astrology Antiquus Astrology was created to fill the gaps between classical astrology, traditional astrology and modern astrology: a bridge between all the forms of astrology.

Anyara Aphorisms Aphorisms in the light of astrology Aquamoonlight Astrology A site with plenty to explore: basic, advanced, and specific areas including horary, medical, electional, etc. An excellent resource point. AquariAnne Vist AquariAnne's site to view some interesting material about astrology and participate in studying the subject. Aquarius Ascending "Technical expertise in metaphysical subjects. Arabian Parts Calculator Paul Vachier presents his online easy to use calculator for the Arabian parts.

Aries Astro-Services ARIES Astro-Services levert berekeningen en horoscooptekeningen voor praktizerende astrologen, alsmede karakterbeschrijvingen en toekomstvoorspellingen op basis van de geboortehoroscoop. Armonie Stellari Articles on many areas - business, synastry, medical, karmic, uranian, horary. Italian and English Art of Multi-Dimensional Living Unveil your own archetypal blueprint in each of the eight fields of living. A revolutionary and highly individualized approach to holistic living based on the spiritual insights of its founder, Edward Tarabilda. Astral Shaman Blog, astrology courses and counseling, music, yoga, mandalas.

Astralis Astrology, graphology, mysteries, new age in English and Italian Astrevolution Astrological view of current events and popular celebrities. Astro Vista An information and inspiration to enrich your knowledge.

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Astro Intelligence - The world's best horoscopes. The international website for Astrology. Get your Personal Daily Horoscope and a wide selection of free horoscopes! AstroNoetics Classes, charts and some interesting and educational essays. Poetry, Astrology, Healing, Karma and Metaphysics. A rich collection of interesting articles. AstroTouch A worldwide connection and dating site focusing on Sun Moon compatibility. Compatibility tests, synastry reports, free monthly horoscopes.

Text in Slovak and English. Neem een kijkje! An astrology and numerology site in Ivrit Hebrew. AstroXia Revealing human potential through the esoteric arts. A gift was given to you at the moment of your first breath. Have you opened it? Astrocal Diary and Moon Calendars - Gorgeous circular Astrology calendars and diaries showing Moon phases, astrological forecasts, sign changes, pagan fire festivals and much more.. Put simply, when you move to another location different parts of your chart are stimulated. She also has articles on the asteroids.

AK's interests include Java programming, poetry, humor and philosophy. Visit regularly for the weekly horoscope. Compatibility charts. Chinese Astrology. She also offers a correspondence course. Articles, blog, politics, classes, guidance and more. An extensive list of links and several articles. Find your ideal mate, read Susan's newsletters, read your monthly horoscope and much more. A site of Indian Astrology with articles on on education, tourism and yoga. Readings, lectures, projects, articles and book reviews. Brenda Brush is located in Hollywood Florida.

Dena meets with clients, and tutors students who wish to learn more about astrology. She hosts a podcast on topics in astrology. Consultations, workshops, lectures and podcasts. She publishes her books in the e-book format to help preserve the environment. You will also find interesting articles and audiotapes and lectures. Elizabeth Spring, MA. An interesting site with collections of features.

Eugenia says "man's own will determines his destiny, therefore take hold of your life and make the best of it. Available for lectures. Articles on the USA chart and more. Daily, monthly and yearly guides. Readings, Bach flower diagnosis, elective astrology, aand seminars. Gary offers charts and articles. Here is also a good bank of interesting charts for natural and political events. Check out the fine photos of planets. Guinness Book of World Records to for highest recorded response to a radio show.

Accurately predicted presidential election results in Pamela Crane's rich site with articles and consultations. Full time astrologer since There are astrological classes, a newsletter and more at her interesting site. At the same time, our independence is never in question. His site has zodiac forecasts, the week and month ahead, articles on Love, Friendship and Career and web audio podcasts. Laurence makes astrology accessible with theatre style imagery to bring the language of the heavens to the earth.

She is also a columnist for the Nashville Astrology Examiner. Light In Motion offers intuitive astrology readings and intuitive consultations, a free monthly newsletter, designed to increase one's self awareness and offering insights and information. Discover your potential with a Planetary Profile. The pattern formed by the sun, moon and planets at the exact moment of birth forms your unique horoscope - a cosmic map of your character and destiny. She runs a centre for psychological astrology in London and lectures throughout the world. Her titles include "Relating" and "Saturn".

Louisa is al een aantal jaren astrologe en heeft ook o. Chinese horoscopen geschreven voor de bekende astrologe Lea Manders. Horoscopes also available in English. Mary also works with the journal Mountain Astrologer. Classes on handling fear, anger and a workshop in manifestation. His services mainly include private counselling, elementary and professional tutoring, and presentations for conferences and workshops.

Astrology is your secret navigation tool to personal success. Transit horoscopes and more. Visit the Astrology index with a wealth of information. She studied psychology at Brown University, and is a widely published essayist and the author of Soul Sick Nation. She is based in southern California and has taught and lectured on Astrology since in Mexico, France, Canada and England. Astrology demystified. Consultations, tutorials, articles and a discussion forum. Career, Matchmaking, life readings, medical, business and more!

Astrology is a science. Interpretation is an art. My work is about reaching into your life's imprint both scientifically and intuitively to connect the dots of your reality for your benefit. Charts, readings, classes. Free zodiac screensavers, fun astrology games, free monthly forecasts, free Sun sign analyses, astrologywizard chatroom and forum too! But it does give you the invaluable benefit of good timing. Psychology and astrology in the 21st century are being used by educators, health practitioners, human resource consultants, and investors.

Visit the site for readings, books and articles. Neith as an Internet boutique offering a broad array of personalized astrology products to clients worldwide. Articles, Consultations and more. Astrology readings, in-depth analysis of birth charts and horaries, for individuals, couples and parents for children. Astrologer Richard Hills London UK offers in-depth astrology horoscope consultations for individuals, couples and parents for children, in person or by telephone.

Let your birth chart guide you. Ro Loughran practices in marriage and family therapy and astrological consultation in San Anselmo, California. Downloads are available. Astrology is the science of seeing into our life as it unfolds through time. The arrangement of planets in our birth chart shows the Planetary weather when we were born.

Jodie and Steven Forrest's site. Basics, articles, news, memorials and more. With over 30 years of experience, Margaret Koolman provides individual birthchart interpretations on audio tape. She also gives workshops and group talks. Visit the site for the calendar. Perhaps the stars suggest angels and angles - or has man's own courage structured the future? When you visit, be sure to read the Articles on astrology.

He has been practicing since and writes for local papers including the sun sign column QScope. Empathic counseling, relationship and transformational astrology for the soul. Verlag fur astrologische Arbeitsmittel.


Market forecasts and more. Metaphysical information, Lightwork, and networking for people and ideas. Join, meet and chat! Astrology for today and tomorrow. Worth a visit! We all have a verse in the Divine Poem. What will your Verse be? Let us discover it together. Natal charts, horary and annual forecasts. William Lamb teaches astrology and offers daily and monthly horoscopes. Wind and Sky is devoted to the best traditions of Astrology as practiced in the Medieval period.

She has a wealth of experience in teaching astrology and giving readings. See her regular monthly forecasts on YouTube. Several Astrology educational courses. Send free email Astrology post cards. A resource point. This site is devoted to promoting serious quality astrology. Astrological Sports Handicapping Astrological analysis of sports. Astrology Explored shows you just that. Look around, read the latest posts and browse a list of astrology topics. Astrology Explored Beth Turnage's blog - a treasure lode of interesting articles.

With over 22 years of experience, she is also web publisher of Astrology Media Press. Astrology Explorer Gain insight into yourself, your future and your relationships through our in-depth, personalized Astrology charts and reports! Astrology Home Exploring the Patterns of Life. Thompson's site explores astrology as unique and personal mandala, as an art form, as a guide to the universe and higher learning and personal awareness.

See us first for fully professional astrological services. Astrology Insights A holistic approach to an ancient art. Current events, education, charts and services and fun stuff Astrology Online Featuring daily and weekly original horoscopes. Astrology Shop Robert Currey and Equinox horoscopes.

Astrology Unlimited A Hay House partner. A daily lunar guide, compatibilities, karmic, topics for women. A well done site. Astrology Weekly Articles, news, newsletters, discussions, charts, data, plenty of tools, resources and interesting features. Astrology World Good resource point, many interesting features Astrology and Science An archive of articles by researchers. Covers scientific, historical and philosophical issues, and the results of scientific research. The site has many relevant charts of the many nations involved in modern wars. Over Astrology Books.

Astrology for the soul Free astrology course on-line, plus cutting edge perspectives, and lots of other goodies Astrology in Life - Study of the Moons Nodes A good discussion on the Moon's Nodes, including natal placements and transits. Astrology in the Age of Aquarius Free resources.

Online Horoscope calculator and ephemeris. Astrology in the Year Zero With as much of the truth as we know about astrology - this is the companion site to the book Astrology in the Year Zero. Astrology on the web A rich site full of interesting features by a team mostly 'down under'. Au Daily horoscope, chat, more Astrology. Delve in deeper than your "daily horoscope". Peruse your love potential, explore your destinay. Astrotheme A rich site including a database of celebrities' photos. Astroveda Learning vedic astrology.

A great compendium of clear detailed interpretations. Caricatures, Cartoons and Celebrity Photos show physical traits. Astroxia Revealing human potentials through the esoteric arts. Aux Mailles Godefroy Weaving fantasy and philosophy Awakenings Compatibility and Relationship Astrology. Is the new person in your life the right one? What is in your relationship that does not work? And can either of you make it better? You can get questions like these answered! BeliefNet Inspiration, Spirituality, Faith. Blogs health holistic living, news.

Best drivers viewed Astrologically Insurance Hotline has noticed that people born in certain signs are better drivers than others! BioPsciences Find the Astrology section. Astrology can be viewed in many ways.. What kind of energy you'll meet when you get out of bed in the morning. It's like some kind of cosmic ecology..

BirthTime Info Vedic astrologers calculate your time of birth accurately from life events. Easy online service via internet. Use Birth Time Calculators to check your birth time accuracy for astrology charts and horoscopes. Bonhom Astrology Collection of sites on astrology Cafe Astrology We believe that Astrology can be used as a powerful and fun tool for understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us.

See the planets with their data including moons. Chaos Astrology Chaos Astrology has its roots in the matrix of mathematical thought and its branches reaching to the future. Chaos Sign An interesting site on astrology, fractals and chaos theory. ChinaVoc Sales of interesting items and a set of pages on Chinese astrology. Chris Flisher Home page with links to Chris' activities including the Turning of the Wheel, his podcast show on astrology and related topics.

The cirle is clearly evident in all the nature enfolds. Visit Chris Flisher's site of art and symbolism. Classical Astrology Dorian Geiseler Greenbaum. Bringing the classics to life. Conseil Astrologique - Laura Vollmer. Constellation Chamber A site full of interesting features - legend of the zodiac, descriptions of appearances, discussions of each sign, the zodiac in the Bible, the Celtic zodiac and more! Cosmic Imperative Several features including audio horoscopes, natal, forecasts, synastry and composites, a treasure hunt game, and an article on the four elements.

Crucial Astro Tools Imagine a world that combines modern mechanical brilliance with compassionate understanding of every person's unique individuality. Visit this site and review Roy Gillett's thoughtful perspective and writings. Psychic, Reiki master, Author, Researcher, Lecturer. Dating matchmakers Online dating matchmaking services and tips on astrology, love romance and relationships. Devolution and Evolution of Astrology Article by Manly Palmer Hall Double sign: friends by horoscope DoubleSign connects you with compatible friends through astrology, comics, dating, matchmaking and social networking by horoscope.

E-Astrolog The eAstrolog. Your free daily horoscopes! Elbert Wade's Astrology A treasure trove of informative and entertaining Astrological information available nowhere else Learn about many facets of Astrology. Shop for a real astrologer.

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Equinox Astrology Equinox is an astrological company. Esoteric Astrologer Contributions from leading thinkers in the realm. Through articles and essays which explore the many hints given on the subject, this rich resource is continually building as a ready reference for all students. Find Your Fate A rich resource point with interesting articles on the zodiac.

Flower of Life A series of essays with illustrations on divine geometry. The focus of the essays is the spiral, including the fibonacci series and the golden mean. Fractal approach by Michelle Jacobs At the excellent RealMagick site, an article by Michelle Jacobs on the fractal nature of the universe described by astrology. Astrological services by Wendy Rose. Wendy and Ed also offer classes and astrology parties.

Their site also has a newsletter and software. Harmonic Pyramids A book discussing the precession, comets, the elements, and much more. Fun food for thought. Jacqueline Bigar This site has a great list of sites for Astronomy and Astrology. Khaldea The cyberspace home of authentic humanistic and transpersonal astrology and the philosophy and metaphysics of Wholeness in the 21st Century! An interesting collection of articles including photos of celebrities arranged by sun, moon and ascendants.

We use the latest technology to ensure accuracy, and we are committed to your success. We can guide you to discover joy, power and peace in your life! Linda Goodman A well designed and easy to use site full of interesting message forums. Financial Astrology.

The leader in market timing services and products. Daily and weekly subscriptions. Mandala Psychotherapie, relatietherapie, workships, familieopstellingen, poppologie. Mandala college thuis astrologie leren kan ook! Metalog A Resource Point. Celebrity Astrology collection, featuring quotations by famous and infamous people of the past and present. Milestone Gifts Milestones for days worth remembering. Unique Astrology gifts. Pendants engraved with the birth chart wheel, charts and more.

Morgana's Chamber A Cauldron of Transformation! Actually a fun bookstore with candles, incense, jewelry and more in Greenwich Village, New York City. My Astrology Book The astrology reading of a lifetime in a handmade personalized fine art book. My Pathways - Whispy Information on psychics, metaphysical, new age and More!. Free horoscopes and psychic readings available. Topics include love, relationships, money, intuition, spirituality, psychic ethics, dreams and compatibility.

Mystic Games Astrology, numerology, birthdays, tarot, remedies, famous people and more. Well organized and fun. Mystic Games A site with interesting and helpful stuff, from games tarot, gems, horoscopes to remedies and dreams and a gift shop! New Aeon Astrology Within these pages you will find information about Western Astrology including basic tutorials on the Signs, Planets, Houses, Aspects, Elements and Modalities, and other important considerations. Weekly forecasts, introductory information about signs, planets and houses, Descriptions of Pam's readings, articles and lists of resources.

Oculus Oculus is a Russian language site for astrologers. Horoscopes for all life stages, birth time rectification, babies and children, marriage, health, business, travel, etc. Om Astrology Ancient Vedic Astrology - horoscopes for marriage, children, business, health, travel, etc. Vedic remedies. Online chat is available. Parkeriters Derek and Julia Parker are among the best-known writers on astrology and dream interpretation. PaxMercurius The home of traditional western astrology in Australia. See our blog at paxmercurius.

Kabbalists use their understanding of the heavenly influences to see the spiritual potential in each time period, as opposed to predicting the future. Return of the Magi Kelly Phiipps film about Astrology. A Documentary of Astrology. See the Sky Jewelry, Astrology readings, web podcasts and community discussions. Sister of Saturn A Netherlands language site discussing Saturn. Skepsis Article testing astrology Sky Script A rich resource site for students of astrology. An online community with a large friendly population.

View the online video horoscopes and forecasts. Star Stories Star Stories offers personalized astrology books that are truly unique and special. Our keepsake books are bound in a beautiful hard cover, illustrated by world renowned artists, and are created especially for you by top astrologers. StarMatch Astrological Introductions.

Strangerific Links A resource point. This site is dedicated to studies of various aspects of Vedic Knowledge. Each year is symbolized by an animal and the 12 animals are mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. The Divining Nation The premier resource for the metaphysical community.

Articles, products and services and charts of celebrities and more. The Scientific Basis of Astrology Dr. Tribes Visit Tribes. There are hundreds! People chatting about rising signs, moons in certain placements, Jyotish Vedic, Chinese, aspects, moon's nodes, everything! Vedic Astrology Goravani Jyotish Lessons, software, charts, interesting articles and more. Vega Attraction Astrology Astrology of attractions and relationships. Fun and informative. Learn more about yourself and your relationships.

Widgets World Astrology Good resource point Willow Whisper A Magical Treasure - astrology, gemstone metaphysics and a catalog of beautifully designed jewelry. Zodiac Birthday Cards Send good wishes to your friends and family with these funny zodiac birthday cards and other cards. Visitors can personalize, preview and send their cards to friends and family.

Zodiac Birthday E-cards Visit for your free online birthday cards. Zodiacal Zephyr A Resource Point. Edward Abbey - environmentalist and author of non-fiction and fiction and a book of poetry. Africanals - promote an old idea for a project to build canals to restore a healthy water cycle to the northern portion of Africa. Back On My Feet Back On My Feet is an organization that helps the homeless rebuild their lives with participation in a community of runners.

Branches exist in several cities. Bahamas High Adventure This foundation helps kids have a great life-enhancing anachronistic sea-going adventure! Some kids pay for the voyage while others go to sea on scholarships. Visit this site and help send a kid to sea! Yo Ho Ho!


Kavita Chhibber

In addition, there is a good amount of general information for women to keep safe on the road and online. BBDS is also a general resource for people considering online dating, which is becoming more popular these days. Also information to keep safe on the road. Big Green Purse One of the fastest, easiest, most effective ways to protect the environment is by shifting money you already spend to eco-friendly goods and services.

Dino Morea in conversation with Kavita Chhibber

Bodega Marine Laboratory Through innovative research programs and teaching initiatives, the Bodega Marine Laboratory helps to solve complex environmental problems. Visit and discuss. Schumacher, "Small is Beautiful". Carbon Famers of America Carbon Farmers of America is a company built around a vision of ecological restoration and hope.

Together, grassfarmers and conscious citizens can effectively grow new topsoil and reverse global warming. Care2 Care to make a difference. The largest online community for healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare. Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer Achieving balance between people and dogs. Cesar is a remarkable trainer - of dogs and people. His show on Nat Geo documents his sessions to rehabilitate dogs by teaching their people to realign their energies and thoughts. The world's premier Cheetah conservation organization located in Namibia.

Founded and headed by Dr Laurie Marker, this organization is responsible for educating farmers in Africa about the environment and saving the endangered Cheetah cat. Children Uniting Nations Dedicated to providing quality mentoring relationships for at-risk and foster youth. CUN strives to recruit and train volunteers to help build self-esteem, life skills and improve educational outcomes for youth. Join Team Reeve and help find the cure for paralysis.

Today's care, tomorrow's cure. Common Dreams Join the movement for the greater good. If ever we needed forward thinking and urgent action, it's now. Bill Moyers recommends this site. We aim to protect life on Earth and to demonstrate that human societies will thrive when in balance with nature. The Coral Reef Foundation education programs are aimed at awareness, protection and restoration of coral reefs.

Visit and find out how to vote and make political choices with your purchasing power. Look for her app to identify products. DayDreams Farm Dedicated to helping Horses and transorming the lives of children and adults through interaction with animals. Defenders of Wildlife Protection of endangered and imperiled species and habitats.

DEF has a mission to support initiatives to develop and empower disadvantaged people in countries that produce diamonds. Dolphin Communication Project The Dolphin Communication Project DCP is focused on the dual goals of scientific research and education: we take results from research projects and disseminate them into educational programs for students of all ages.

Dont Almost Give Ready to Give? Select a cause below to find out how you can help. Earth Day Network Protecting the Earth and its people every day. Earth Share Earth Share is a network of respected and responsible non-profit environmental and conservation organizations. EcoBabes ecobabes n : passionate, powerful, beautiful women changing the world. Buy a pin-up calendar of eco-babes who care about the environment!

EcoWorld Nature and Technology in harmony. Information resources: articles, fora and newsletters about modern ecology. Electric Auto Association An organization dedicated to the promotion of public awareness of electric vehicle usage. Electric Drive Organization providing information on electric vehicles. Garden and farm type equipment. Electric Vehicles - Zap World Visit to see working and available electric vehicles Electric Vehicles International Manufacturers of electric vehicles such as buses, trolleys, trams, trucks, passenger trailers and delivery vans.

Elephant Art Visit for elephants' drawings. Also on youtube. The realistic drawings are a collaboration between elephant and human teacher, while the abstract are more original elephant creations. Everglades Forever The Everglades is a delicate ecosystem in Florida known throughout the world for its scenic sunrises, mysterious wetlands and unique wildlife. It extends beyond the national park and beyond our imaginations. Every Mother Counts Every Mother Counts is an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase education and support for maternal and child health.

Water is the essence of life, sustaining every being on this planet. Without water, there would simply be no plants, no animals, and no people. This film by Irena Salina highlights the local intimacies of an emerging global catastrophe. Farm Rescue Farm Rescue is a nonprofit organization that helps family farmers bridge crises so they have an opportunity to continue viable operations. Finca Leola promotes profitable reforestation in Costa Rica. They cultivate hardwood trees on plantation land to allow preservation of old growth forests. Five Tigers The Tiger Information Center is dedicated to providing information to help preserve the remaining five subspecies of tigers.

Free Spirit Spheres Fun tree houses! Hang your vacation home from some trees. Friends of Animals FoA works to protect animals from cruelty, abuse and institutionalized exploitation. FoA's efforts protect and preserve animals and their habitats around the world. Friends of Kalash The Kalash are a people who live in the north western province of Pakistan. People are interested to help them to preserve their culture and local environment. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation's primary mission is to plant 18 billion heirloom varieties of edible fruit trees on the planet Earth and encourage their growth.

We provide the market place where fuel cell stack, component, and hydrogen storage manufacturers come together with consumers. At our site you will find a wide array of products. If one culture eliminates all others, this will mean stagnation. Heaven and Earth create diversity. We should not oppose this. Giving Anonymously A new wave of giving. A non-profit organization facilitating generosity between people. We are not the "charity". You are! Look around your community, your neighbors, friends and family. Do you see anyone in need? Global Warming - Climate Hot Map The early warning signs of global climate change are in -- heat waves and warmer weather, spreading disease, earlier spring arrival and others.

Global Warming - EPA Focuses on the science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions by governments, corporations, and individuals that help address it. Get a preview of life on a hotter planet Global Warming - Natural Resources Defense Provides information on the causes and effects of global climate change, and offers solutions to the problem. Global Warming - New Scientist New and different weather patterns caused by global warming could make dramatic changes.

Global Warming - Union of Concerned Scientists Climate scientists have linked the increased levels of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere to human activities, in particular the burning of fossil fuels Global Warming International Center International body disseminating information on global warming science and policy, sponsoring research. Serving governmental, non-governmental organizations, etc.. GoodPlanet A non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development, chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand Grameen Foundation Empowering people, changing lives, innovating for the world's poor.

Grameen combines micro-loans and technology to help communities to pull themselves up economically. Robert Hunt's Gravity Plane. A fine design for a fuelless lighter than air glider plane. View the video at YouTube Great Blacks in Wax Museum This wax museum in Baltimore Maryland specializes in the achievements of Africans and black Americans from ancient times to our modern era in many diverse fields including science, education, politics and the arts. Greenpeace Brazil Greenpeace Brazil works to protect the Amazon which is of worldwide importance. Growing Home Providing job training through a non-profit organic agriculture business.

Honey bees are in danger from an unknown cause. Educate yourself about this environmental crisis. Bees are directly responsible for much of our crops. Hindu Academy Hinduism has a great deal to contribute towards the spiritual health of the modern world.

Its inherent pluralistic teachings offer resolutions for peaceful coexistence. We offer classes in universities and religious organizations. Beautiful photo gallery of Iceland! Inside the Bottle The people's campaign on the bottled water industry. International Fund for Animal Welfare IFAW's courageous actions drew international attention to the plight of the seal pups and successfully rallied worldwide condemnation of the hunt.

International Otter Survival Fund If you love otters, visit this site! They report on otters all over the world. Visit and do something to help these fine creatures. International Vegetarian Union Promoting vegetarianism worldwide since A good resource site. Our closest DNA cousins on the evolutionary bush is endangered by habitat destruction and the bush meat trade.

You can help! Save the chimps, save the world! Java Log The world's most eco-friendly fire log, made from used coffee grounds! Why vegetarianism is the best kashrut and fundamental to moral teachings. Judaism A nicely organized site with accessible descriptions of Judaism and Jewish concepts and ideas. Kamunyak Kamunyak - Heart of a Lioness. A lioness called Kamunyak Blessed One has successively "adopted" several oryx calves. The local people recognize this as a message from God. Animal Planet investigated and featured her in a show. League of Real Nations Papers from Leopold Kohr, Aidan Rankin, Peter Etherden calling for world cultures on a human scale, without huge superpowers - instead, a world of small nations and communities.

Leket Leket Table to Table in Israel rescue excesss, nutritious food that would have otherwise been destroyed and redirects it to people in need. Let's Face It University of Michigan's effort to advance knowledge about, by and for people with facial differences and to promote their full and equal participation in society. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Catalyst for conservation in northern Kenya.

The life of Irena Sendler was one of great testimony, one of courage and love, one of respect for all people, regardless of race, religion and creed. Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The name says it all. Don't do it. Don't let anyone else do it. MB Soft This is an interesting page by a physicist.

Politics, environmentalism, and much more. Social, religious, scientific and environment. Here are some great albums! Open Music is music that is shareable, available in "source code" form, allows derivative works and is free of cost for non-commercial use. It is the concept of "open source" computer software applied to music. Maps of War - History of Religion The geographic history of our major modern religions in a 90 second animation. Short and to the point. Mars' Moon A little whimsy about Mars' future Moon.

Someday Mars may have a real moon. We could build one. My Heritage A genealogy site which has facial recognition feature that lets you see which celebrities resemble any photo that you send to your family collection. Will your be an angel? Every day in America, countless animals suffer from cruelty and neglect. Find out how you can be an angel to animals in need. NeoHasid Make change a spiritual habit. Do at least one new thing every six months or every season to reduce your personal impact on global warming.

Make a commitment now! Visit and look at the video of a wild polar bear who plays with sled dogs! Oceans Alive The Environmental Defense Oceans program works to find constructive solutions to the most critical problems facing the world's marine environments. Only Make Believe creates interactive theatre for children in hospitals. Only Make Believe is dedicated to the principle that freeing a child's imagination is a valuable part of the healing process. Orangutan Foundation Here you will learn about the Great Red Ape and what we are doing to study and conserve them.

You will also find that you can help us make a big difference in the survival of the endangered orangutan. Origins Project The Origins Project seeks out evidence related to human origin and evolution, which may be quite different from accepted theories. Look at the "sex tips". Vegetarians have better health, and that translates to better sex! PSIEVAL esta constantemente desarrollando nuevos sistemas para mejorar la calidad de vida de los empleados en las empresas y su productividad.

Pedals for Progress Putting used bikes to good use. P4P recycles used and discarded bicycles, sends them to people who need them for work and school. P4P has to date sent over , bicycles and some sewing machines. Planet Ark Your daily guide to helping the planet. Planet Ark works to show people the many ways they can reduce their day to day impact on the environment - at home, at work and in the community. Conservation through research and education. We are committed to polar bears and arctic habitat conservation through support for scientific research and educational outreach programs.

Project Seahorse Seahorse conservation! Save these remarkable fish, help save the world! Race for the big cats Click to register a sponsor's donation to protect the big cats. Rainbeau Ridge Making sustainable living second nature. A working goat cheese farm in Bedford Hills New York, with kid's programs, cooking classes and much more. Rainforest Relief Rainforest Relief works to end the loss of the world's tropical and temperate rainforests and protect their human and non-human inhabitants by reducing demand for the products of rainforest logging, mining and agricultural conversion.

Read her inspiring book "Rowing the Atlantic". She is also affiliated with environmental organizations. See her blog. Rynn Berry Author on Vegetarianism. Rynn is historical advisor to NAVS. Safe Teen Driver Steering teens and young adults to responsible driving.

This program has a remarkable story behind it. It is a memorial for the founder's wife and daughter killed in a car crash caused by a teen driver, who now helps to educate others. During the week, the cafe helps the homeless with laundry, storage, voicemail, counseling, phones, employment and more. Save the Frog From Africa to the Americas, frogs and other amphibians are vanishing from the planet at an alarming rate.

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