Venus transit astrology love

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Gemini Venus signs are skilled conversationalists, and may frequently attract others through conversation and witty dialogue. They are known to be playful lovers, and always need a little bit of variety when it comes to their love life. They may prefer to keep their relationships quite light-hearted, preferring not to be weighed down by heavy emotions.

The Cancer Venus sign prefers relationships that are reliable and committed. Being the sensitive creatures that they are, they are hurt easily. When they feel safe and adored, they are very giving and caring in relationships. But because of their sensitivity, they can be moody and snappy, retreating away into themselves.

The Leo Venus sign are proud lovers, ones that are unafraid to make extravagant declarations of love. In return though, they expect complete and total adoration.

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The Virgo Venus sign is rather reserved when it comes to love, but when they finally do let their guard down, they can be one of the most devoted Venus signs. They are very picky when it comes to who it is they end up choosing to partner with, though sometimes they can be very critical even with those that they choose to love.

Because the zodiac sign Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the Libra Venus sign is one that has a natural charm and grace. In love, the most important thing for them is making sure that the relationship is balanced and fair. They recognize that fairness between lovers means that all parties will be happy and has the highest chance for success.

The Scorpio Venus sign is all about intensity in love - even if it remains unspoken or secretive. As lovers, they search for incredibly deep bonds and intimacy.

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The Sagittarius Venus sign is one that values independence and exploration in their relationships. They prefer to be in relationships that give them the space to learn and grow as a person. The Capricorn Venus sign searches for a love that is committed, one where they can create and build a life together.

Here’s How Venus in Scorpio 12222 Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign:

Because of this, they find it hard to make the jump into commitment, but when they do, they are committing for life. The Aquarius Venus sign is one that finds it difficult to separate friendship and romance, and they have the firm belief that companionship makes for the best foundation for a strong relationship.

They have a strong sense of individuality, and prefer to remain rather independent even when committed. The Pisces Venus sign lives for love, and dives deep into it quickly and effortlessly. Perhaps you'll travel the world with this person? Or you'll adopt a relating style that you never had before! Uranus conjunct, square and opposite will often coincide with the end of a relationship, because you feel the need to roll on your own.

You may have abandoned some of your individuality for the sake of a partnership and it is a time during which you will reclaim your independence. Starting a relationship under such transit indicates that the relationship will often serve this purpose. Pluto conjunct, sextile, trine Venus can bring a passionate love affair in your life, although it's often more about compulsion than about love.

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We do have possibilities for trauma bonds here, so do be careful. Once again, depends on the chart and rulers as well as other transits happening at the time. Meeting someone under such transit can be extremely deep, passionate and obsessive. Pluto square and opposite Venus can also represents meeting someone, although the love affair will often bring a fair share of pain and drama that will force your to re-examine where are your boundaries and how you feel about yourself, you only attract like-minded vibes and this transit may be a difficult reminder of it.

Neptune conjunct, sextile, trine Venus will bring a very romantic encounter, and although it won't necessary be extremely realistic, you can meet someone that makes you feel like you're living a fairy tail. Be aware that once the transit is gone the fairy tail may end too, so be sure to have your feet on the ground or a close friend who assures this grounded perspective for you.

Venus Transit in Cancer: 23 July, 12222

Neptune square and opposite Venus often represents the dissolution of a relationship, and meeting someone under such transit often indicates that the entire relationship will be lived for the purpose of ending it. Secret affairs, or dysfunctional relationships that you know you should end but still pursue because butterflies and pink goggles. The relationship will serve the purpose of knowing better in the future. Want to know your future?

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Meanwhile, Leo is a fixed fire sign who thrives on authentic expression, and all things joyful. In the end, Venus in Leo is here to re-energize and revitalize our relationships, hobbies, and value system. Besides, we all deserve to have a little fun, right? Ready to be the showstopper you truly are, Aries? This area of your chart has everything to do with romance, passion… and even one-night-stands! Feeling creative? Transit Tip: Fall in love with your uniqueness.

Loyalty is everything, Taurus. This area of your chart is a representation of your inner sanctuary, not to mention your home sweet home, of course. Have you considered redecorating your humble abode? This is an excellent time to add a little bit of pizzazz to your castle, so have fun.

Venus Retrograde Meaning & More

Transit Tip: Get your flamboyant furnishing on! I mean, is that even a question? With charming Venus sashaying through your inquisitive third house of cognitive functioning, immediate community, and general exchanges, socializing and engaging with your local community will be top of mind. This, of course, is why you make the big bucks, but are you actually doing anything about it?

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Venus in Leo wants to be recognized and adored, so you already know what time it is. Transit Tip: You wrote it, they bought it. Who knows, some of you might even celebrate your birthday for the rest of the summer, and well, why the hell not? Transit Tip: Your energy is priceless. Are you ready to make an epic entrance, Leo? With the goddess of love showing off her goods via your first house of self, appearance, and personality, radiant is an understatement.

venus transit astrology love Venus transit astrology love
venus transit astrology love Venus transit astrology love
venus transit astrology love Venus transit astrology love
venus transit astrology love Venus transit astrology love
venus transit astrology love Venus transit astrology love

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